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General Warranty terms in India

The original Jabra product you have purchased is covered by a warranty of 24 months against any manufacturing defects. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused products by the first end user. 

The date of purchase of a new Jabra product by the end user determines the actual time period that the warranty period will begin. It is customer’s responsibility to provide proof of purchase for the product requiring repair or replacement. Proof of purchase must state the date of purchase & name of the product.

Headsetsindia service centres will not entertain warranty if the proof of purchase is not produced by the customer along with defective unit at the time of repair.

Any defective part/s removed from a defective product during the course of a warranty claim shall become property of

The following cases are not covered under warranty :

• Minor faults or deviation in the quality of a product which do not affect the product’s value or fitness for its intended purpose.

• Any accessories supplied with the product.

• Rechargeable & disposable batteries (these products have a shorter service life, the length of which also depends on the frequency of use. If the battery in a product has not   been charged for a period of six (6) months, the product might not function or regain its full potential and long-term performance. GN does not offer any warranty for such performance.)

• Faults resulting from the improper use (e.g. operating errors, mechanical damage, incorrect operating voltage or wrong system configuration)

• Faults due to wear & tear.

• Damage resulting from fire or liquid seepage.

• Any modification of a Jabra product done by you or a third party, unless Jabra has given its prior written consent to the nature & extent of the modification.

• Faults of which purchaser was already aware at the time of purchase.

• Damage from external causes such as floods, storms, fires, sand, dirt, earthquakes, an act of God, exposure to sunlight, weather, moisture, heat, or corrosive environments, electrical surges, battery leakage, theft, or damage caused by the connection to other products not recommended for interconnection by Headsetsindia.

How to Obtain Warranty Service to obtain Warranty Service

The product must be returned in its original packaging, if possible, or packaging affording an equal degree of protection. During the Warranty Period, except where prohibited by applicable law, the end-user will bear the cost of shipping the product to If the product is covered by the Warranty, will bear the cost of return shipping after service has been completed. Return shipping will be charged to the end-user for products not covered by the Warranty or requiring no warranty repair. Damage occurred during shipment is deemed the responsibility of the carrier, and any claim should be made directly to said carrier.

The following information must be presented to obtain Warranty Service:

• The defective product,

• The end-user’s name, company name if applicable, address, Email address and telephone number,

• A description of the problem, and

• Proof of purchase which clearly indicates the name and address of the GN Partner, date of purchase, product type and model number. Without proof of purchase, the Warranty Period will commence on the date labeled on the product.

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